Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

My Year in Pictures


The theatre I used to work for began as a theatre/bookstore/crepery. Over the years, it solidified into a theatre and independently run cafe.

When it moved to a new location, the majority of the books were supposed to stay behind with the PAD, but enough made the journey over to annoy the DPAD.

Yesterday she sent out an email inviting everyone who worked in the building to come take the boxes (and boxes) of books to the used bookstore for them.

My first thought was "but why not cherry pick the huge number of scripts I know are there?" Because my name is ghost_light and I am a script addict.

Not half an hour later, their Production Dude sent out an email basically saying "or why not come cherry pick books you want?" And I have never felt more seen.

This was the number of boxes they had


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