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Busy Weekend

I spent all day yesterday stage managing a workshop for the Native Heritage Center. It was the final day in a week-long project to start a resident theatre company there led by 3 actors from L.A. There are so many stories to tell I'm not sure I can even do all of them justice. I had a ball. I finally officially met a local actor who does a one-man show about growing up Native in Alaska. I didn't get to see it, of course, but Mark did. Mark already tipped me off that Jack uses Mark's mom in the show - she was the adoption counselor who helped reunite Jack with his Native family and he describes her as being a little Lilly Tomlin (which is fair). I had planned to introduce myself to Jack at the end of the first night, but the organizers mentioned my last night *just* before that. Next thing I know, I'm getting hugs from Jack. He told me the audience always responds to the character she is based on because he just pours his soul into her. Then he kept introducing me to everyone as 'Little Lilly Tomlin''s daughter-in-law. It was very sweet.

At the end, the organizers gave me a Zuni fetish of Jack Rabbit. I was so touched I almost cried.

I had to leave the potluck early to get out to the film shoot. Levi asked me to actually appear on camera as one of the passed-out druggies. He also asked me to draft 8 or 9 people for the shot. I, of course, asked userinfogeolinguist and userinfoscooterpbakes. We were the most unlikely looking group of passed out meth/pot heads ever. But we did look awesome thanks to userinfospaceyacey523 and the other make-up artist.

I got to spend the whole shoot passed out with my head on userinfogeolinguist's thigh and my ass in userinfospaceyacey523's husband's lap. The poor boy was such a gentleman he had no idea where to put his hands and finally ended up with them on
userinfogeolinguist. userinfogeolinguist knew just what to do, though. He put them right up the back of my shirt so the spectacular bruises from being cupped by the accupunctureist were front and center just like I planned.

And those bruises are something. Mark says I look like a ladybug.
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