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The show Brainiac does a segment - Things John Tickle's Body Can Do. It's usually really stupid stuff's one for you: Hold your arms straight out in front of you. They are the same length, right? Now do quick curls with your left arm (I think 10 might do it, but 20 will be safer.) Hold your arms out straight again and your left arm will appear to be shorter than your right. Things John Tickle's Body Can Do. Why am I off on this?

This week we discovered Things userinfoghost_light's Body Can't Do Without Knotting Up Terribly:
Fold Sheets
Wash Her Hair
Well, and Physical Therapy, but that doesn't really count.
But, that is only 2 really bad things, so it hasn't been a bad week.

I've been really busy, but it has been pretty low-impact. I start training for the PAC job on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to that. I've agreed to help a dear friend with a movie he is filming. Basically he's so busy doing so much for it he needs a producing partner to help contact people, set up meetings, speak to backers etc. It's all things I can do from home without having to lift more than a Diet Coke can. I've also be contacted by a new theatre company in town about training their stage manager during a workshop at the end of the month. Plus I've taken over booking school shows for the "Othello" tour (since I'm not going to be able to work on the show itself). It's actually nice to be doing some 'old familiar' like that.

I've returned all the calls and emails for today, I think I just have to wait for someone to call me back about a tour stop for "Othello", so I should have nothing more on my plate than playing Sims and puttering. Better get to it, Samantha and Melody won't graduate by themselves!
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