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My show ended at 5:45 last night.

My sabbatical began about 9:15 last night when the theatre was all clean and nice after load-out but the Diva and a crew of 3 were still loading props on the truck. Since I can't really lift and my part of the job was done, I headed off to Darwin's humming Schadenfreude.

Today I discovered I had accidentally written down the wrong time for my hair appointment, so I don't look all new and pretty for the PAC Christmas party, but oh well.

I did nothing but play on the computer after that. I was going to do some shopping, but I forgot to take my meds at the proper time in the morning and I had to take them very close to my afternoon pill and I just gave into the side effects and napped instead.

Life's pretty full.

Calls from the Diva: 1
Reason: He can't find something from load-out, wanted to talk about how tired he is and share that the semi-expected eviction from our storage space has come with a deadline of January. Oops.
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