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Movie Review 8

Let's Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

Official synopsis: Jessica is released from an institution after a mental breakdown, only to find terror around every corner in this 1970s horror flick. Even with her husband and best friend at her side, Jessica can't escape her insanity and the voices in her head.

Okay. This movie was so much fun. It is also one that I'd only heard "you should see this!", it's "seminal" and it's "a must-see clasic of feminist horror." So, basically I knew why I should watch it, but nothing about the plot.

And you know what? That was such a good thing I am not going to spoil it for any of you. All I will say is that I expected it to be a psychological thriller about Jessica's husband and best friend gaslighting her in hopes she will go back to the mental hospital so they can marry, and that was not the case.

Available on Netflix DVD

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