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We have a ceramic tile hanging over the kitchen sink. It's an Escher painting of fish.

Fish. Nothing melting. No stairs. Fish.

I bought it for Mark when we lived in Seattle. I worked at the Disney Store in the mall and I was forever picking up little things as presents on my way home. I probably bought Mark 5 watches that year. I bought the tile while I was in an Escher phase and I thought he was too.

I was staring at it as I took my pills tonight.


I was trying to remember what made it cool in the first place. Was it that you could only see the white fish at one time? Or the black fish at one time? Did they make grey fish? What was it?

The I realized. It was the fact it was all fish. All fish all the time. Black ones framing white ones making a frame for the picture of grey get the idea.

I got it again. I remembered why I picked out this one.

The it occurred to me.

Isn't that life, looking at things you like and remembering why you liked them in the first place?

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