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*happy sigh*

I could get used to this 8-hour-day thing.

I got to go home last night and just hangout with Mark for the first time in a while.

We snacked and finished watching season 3 of Slings and Arrow, which was hands down the best, I think. I really liked how they began changing how people react to Jeffrey talking to Oliver and the fact that it didn't take an entire bloody episode to establish things before the plot could start. I am a touch biased, though, Lear is my favorite play.

Then we got to go to a movie! I have finally see the "new" Harry Potter! I enjoyed it overall, but the snark was more fun than some of the scenes. I really wish they had actually cast Rowan Atkinson as Lord Voldemort. As Mark put it, everyone one else is so florid and so big on character Voldemort is just kind of this white, funny-looking nothing in the middle of it. I suggested that some of it might be not wanting to scare the kiddies and he replied "My little sisters dealt with Vader when they were 6. Toughen up, cupcakes!"

Okay, back to the cast list and schedule. Really. Here we go. Just look at me working away.
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