Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

A Weekend of Animals

Awesome and bittersweet.

Friday I had lunch with Bee. The most challenging part was the venue. I picked out Kimchi House, a new place that opened last month in a place that's been regularly going out of business since 2000. But, surprise! They'd already gone out of business.

Next I suggested one of our regular places (this was the point she brought up that it was Ramadan and she wouldn't be eating anyway. I felt bad until I remembered she suggested the date) The place is super good...and super going out of business next month.

They were also only doing tskeout, so Bee suggested an Indian place she really likes. They were actually open and doing dine-in. They were also fabulous.

lonelydumptruck had a busy day. He went for a walk with his mom while I was gone and then one with Pepper right after I got back.

Saturday Pepper, Rodney and Pepper's roommate came over for a firepit. We had too many sausages and were out until Midnight shooting the shit and laughing too hard.

Lori-O hosted Mother's day. She's also fostering 3 little kittens I got to play with for a while. One of them went all murder mittens on my favorite jeans and it was totally worth it.

Our neighbor's had a graduation party for their daughter so we stopped by after Mother's day. The girls got their mom a bunny for Mother's day and I got to hold it! I also got a quesdilla and beer and that was almost as nice.

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