Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

We Did It!

We had our final acting class! With both boys!!

I had a panic an hour before when Little E's mum called to ask if we were having class. She'd missed the email. *facepalm* Both of them got there and had actually learned their lines!

After we rehearsed the little scene a few times I asked if they wanted more practice or if they felt ready and they both went running to get their mums before the words were all the way out of my mouth.

They did terrific too! The only line they missed was one Little E had skipped often enough that L finally learned to stop looking at me like a deer in headlights and just gave his line. Which, fortunately, was "What?"

I really hope these 2 come back for more classes. We had a ball

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Sounds fun!
It was such fun!!
That sounds like fun!
It was tremendous!
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Awww ... they sound so cute.
They were! I so hope they cone back
Sounds wonderful! Glad as glad can be for you!
Rock on and congrats!
YAY!! High five!
Sounds like it all went as well as could be expected!