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Pilling Neighbor Lady has been a roller coaster. She took the first antibiotic last night very begrudgingly but she wouldn't open her mouth at all this morning.

She's been skittish with us too, which hurts our hearts. So we've been dreading pill time tonight.

Luckily lonelydumptruck met up with lilbluegnomeo after his haircut today and she told him her little gremlins think pill pockets are the ultimate in Good Eats. He picked some up from Mike D. We tried to offer her one just as a treat but she was having none of it and we sunk into despair at the thought having to force her again and her deciding our house isn't her safe haven anymore.

I tried to offer her an empty pocket when we got home from dinner at Pepper and Neil's tonight. She ignored it at first and then gobbled it up after she'd been out and was acting hungry.

lonelydumptruck was skeptical, but he put the pill in the pocket the next time she was mewing for food around pill time. I swabbed it with cat food and, my Ducklings and Swans, she snarfed it up before lonelydumptruck was finished washing his hands!

I hope it works tomorrow!
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