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First Broadway Kidz rehearsal in the Sydney. It went pretty well. They just worked through trouble songs and bits in 10-20 minute intervals and my job was to keep them from going too far over time. I'm proud to say we finished only 10 minutes late and that was only because one of the kids missed his rehearsal time and had to make it up at the end.

I swear the more I stage manage, the smarter I get. The directors asked me to keep the parents out of the rehearsal as much as possible - just to minimize distractions and all, and it was looking like an impossible task. Then I just went in the greenroom, wrote up a sign "Do not enter until you are called" and it worked like a dream!

In other news - I think I have my first ingrown toenail. My funky bowling shoes have kind of pinched since I got them and I made the mistake of wearing them two days in a row. On Friday my poor toe was all swollen and hurt like hell. It's been better since but I took off my sock last night and the poor thing was all swollen again and kind of bruised. It's one of the uglier things I've seen in a long time. Dr. Mark made the diagnosis and also noted it's a little infected. It didn't really hurt until I started bothering it last night and now it's back to hurting pretty steadily.

Stage managing may make me smarter, but injuries move me right back to dumbass.
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