Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Thus Far In, The Weekend

It's been a really good one!

lonelydumptruck went out to dinner with a friend on Friday so I had the night to myself. I ordered my favorite pizza (one lonelydumptruck doesn't like) from the really popular fancy local place. They quoted me an hour-and-a-half wait so I watched the newest retrospective on the musical Assassins while I waited. Anyone else a fan of that one? It's my favorite.

I followed that up with act 1 of Shrek. Poor Neighbor Lady does not appreciate musicals so she was wound
tight like a spring. She had a full night of Ultimate Zoomies! Must be in! Must be out! Must runrunrun and kill paper balls! Wait, did something just happen on TV? Should I kill that?!? At one point she was trying to bathe and something loud happened in Shrek which led to this

Saturday I spent most of the day puttering around here while lonelydumptruck played RDR2. monkofsilence and poisondartfrog came over for dinner. We had pork shoulder, rice pilaf and Brussel sprouts. It all turned out really well.

We started today with D&D, always a great way to start a Sunday. Mom-E invited all the kids over for drinks and appetizers tonight, I am looking forward to that.
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