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I have so much to say, desire to write and absolutely no focus.

Coming soon:

Star Fucking at the PAC
Physical Therapy Part II: The Weight Machines
Lyrica: The Stupids
Sims: The Alien Baby
I've Got a Trunk Full of Brownie Uniforms and I'm Not Afraid to Sell Them!

Stay tuned for all this and more bitching right here in....


ETA: I actually broke my chair while posting this. In my defense, it only had 3 of the 4 screws necessary to hold it together. Mark has graciously given me his chair and a challenge - who will break the chair first?? He says that will be the title of my HBO Special - userinfoghost_light: hard on the furniture.

Place your bets now. Who will be first to topple gracelessly from an office chair?

Who Will Be The First To Fall?
Unsuspecting Guest Checking Email
Stray Cat
A Visiting Ninja

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