Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Kids in Theatre

I've been teaching an online improv class and an in-person acting class for our kids. One of the online kids is Secretly My Favorite. He takes all my classes online and he's just a joy - plus he's at the age where he's super excited to tell all me about these "new" books he's The Hardy Boys.

The highlight of this last improv class was a game of What Are You Doing? It's my favorite game anyway. If you don't know it, one person starts a simple physical gesture (I always start with miming brushing my hair), someone asks "What are you doing?" and I reply with something like "I'm painting my toenails" or "I'm petting my cat" - anything that looks nothing like what I'm miming and the person who asked starts miming what I said I am doing.

In this case, I said "I'm standing in front of the microwave hoping I get super powers!" My Secret Favorite turned his back to the camera and, at the last second, did this strange little hitch that looked exactly like he'd just put his junk in the microwave.

I laughed so hard I almost had to turn off my camera.

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