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Mom and Dad are on the plane home now as I type. A good visit overall.

Mommie and Eddie (Mark's mom and step-dad) flew out last night. No parental units in Alaska. Party?

I had my last physical therapy on this prescription today. The PT guy is quite pleased about how my back is doing but very worried about my neck and shoulder. He claims the report to the Doc will be "Muscles are softer in the back, still has the Great Wall of China in her left shoulder." I see the Doc tomorrow and the PT guy already told me he is going to recommend I continue with therapy and expand to include electrostim and simple exercises. I'm sure the Doc will go for it since it now includes exercise. He's the one that wants me on a rowing machine.

My back is doing better, I think. Day to day aches are better but there are still some knots and spasms in the major trouble area, less overall though. My neck has been really bad the last few days. I have a feeling they will up the fibro/myofascial drugs since I think I'm at the top dose for the anti-spazz pills.

Ramona is going well. We ran all of Act 1 last night and we are doing Act 2 tonight. It was pretty smooth and I expect tonight to go fairly well. We'll see how things go on Sunday when we put it all together.

Mark and I saw Nightwatch this week. Damn! That is one disturbing, super-cool movie! It's a Russian movie that as been compared to the Matrix a lot. Demons, vampires, end of the world - it's all in there and it all works. We both had nightmares after finishing it. We had to watch it in 2 chunks because Mark was dozing off. As soon as we finished watching the end we started the disc again to watch the first half one more time. I can't wait for Daywatch to come out now.
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