Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Lonelydumptruck"s Progress

Every day better. He had his wound check last Friday and they said it looked great, just the right amount of gross. He got to restart physical therapy this week, which kicks his ass a bit.

Since we're both fully vaccinated wr have been socializing some. We got drinks and snacks at The Goat with Dave one night this week. Last weekend swimforeveruni and Rodney visited us with pho. Last night we went out for dinner and drinks with Lori-O.

We went to the place where geolinguist used to take me for steaks after his eye injections. I haven't been there in years and (don't tell Pangea) everything was SOfuckingextragood!!! Lori-O got a pear-blueberry martini that was perfect, coconut shrimp and a surf and turf appetizer we shared. lonelydumptruck got a Sicilian mule which was perfect and chicken gnocchi. I got the best meal, in my opinion, pork loin in mushroom gravy and had them swap the potatoes with rice pilaf.

We'll see what the weekend brings
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