Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Today Is International Beaver Day!

1. Do you still read your local paper?

2. White or whole-wheat?

3. What was your first job?
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We get the weekend paper, for the crosswords and for the bird cages ;-D
1 - not anymore

2 - whole wheat

3 - working at the daycare at my college


April 8 2021, 02:15:57 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 02:16:49 UTC

the "local paper" is owned by Gannett
they would close out if they could
but its the "paper of record" for the county
all legal notices have to be published in it
they give it away once a week
3 pages of "news" 3 of notices
reader submission of "news" accepted

whole wheat
excerpt for garlic bread : )

for pay in charge of box office of local summer theater
for real after college case worker foster care New York City
I saw the title of your journal entry and immediately thought of "Brenda's Beaver needs A Trim"!
1) Yes I do

2) Whole wheat

3) Working backstage at my high school's theatre productions
1) Yep!

2) Whole wheat

3) I think it was as an office assistant for my graduate program.

1. Occasionally but not every day.
2. Neither. I like sourdough.
3. Waitress at the Waffle House. Summer job just before college.



Yes, my parents have a subscription. ;-)

Actually German dark bread, so mainly rye.

Summer job in a factory that produced parts for dentist chairs.
1. No. I watch the news with my folks but they read the paper 2. Whole wheat 3. Addressing envelopes
1. Nope
2. Whole-wheat
3. As a student it was an administrative job. My first real job was French teacher in secondary school.

1. I don't. When we visit Long Island I do sometimes read the local paper there.
2. Whole wheat
3. Summer camp counselor

On line

whole wheat

1. Rarely get my hands on it, but yes, occasionally

2. Whole-wheat

3. Working in a laboratory mainly as "maintenance," which means cleaning the grungy stuff, mainly. Also learned a few other things that weren't cleaning.
1. Sadly, I do not.

2. White, please. it's my guilty pleasure.

3. If you mean, paid, working as a library aide at 15. However, I started working at seven on my uncle's farm.
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