Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Today Is International Beaver Day!

1. Do you still read your local paper?

2. White or whole-wheat?

3. What was your first job?
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1. Nope. I don't even read the national papers.

2. I'm not a huge bread person but I usually go light rye...which I realise is not an option for this question :P

3. A flute tutor.
no, white, waitress (I lasted a couple of shifts!)
1. No, we are too far out of the delivery radius to receive a paper copy, and the web site is clunky and horrible. 2. White for making french toast, whole-wheat for everything else. 3. Tutoring a fellow student in maths; I was 15.
1. Sometimes. I hate who owns it right now, but I still read it.

2. Whole wheat

3. Baskin Robbins. LoL
1. Only if someone points me to an article and it's online
2. White or whole-wheat? Depends, sometimes rye
3. What was your first job? Waitress, I loathed it.
1. Do you still read your local paper? Yes, but only online.

2. White or whole-wheat? Wholewheat.

3. What was your first job? Shelving books at the local library.

Suspended comment

1. I read the paper from my hometown online, and sometimes articles from the paper here (again, online).

2. Usually wheat.

3. Technically that would be babysitting my cousins, but my first paying job was working in the concession stand at the roller rink.
1. No because I was largely reading it to get information about local events, which there aren't any more of.
2. whole wheat
3. comic book store
1. I hardly read a local newspaper.

2. Whole wheat.

3. Furniture Store assistant
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