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Flo-rific weekend

Time well spent with Mom and dad this weekend.

Friday we drove out to Girdwood to surprise Mom with dinner at Double Musky as a late birthday present. It was about a 45 minute wait but we had deep fried crawfish poppers for an appetizer. Mark has oso buco with fresh lamb, dad had a steak the size of his head, I ate alligator (!!! very yummy - kind of tough but rather like stew meat.) and Mom ordered a shrimp scampi where the chef seemed to have added the garlic, forgotten about it and added more garlic at the end just in case. She didn't say anything until it was too late to send it back. We also got deserts. I'm still working on mine.

Class Saturday went well. I tried a new game with the kids that I swiped off the Who's Line Is It Anyway? website. It's a variation on Emotional Blocks where, instead of mapping out places on the floor and you change emotions depending on where you are standing, you give the actors 3 props, each with a different emotion that they have to exhibit while in possession of the item. They really liked it and they did pretty good with it. They were great about making trading object very natural - as opposed to "I want the flowers now!" - but we need to start working on having a scene as well as a gimmick now.

Mark had a Hash on Saturday, so I met up with Mom and Dad after classes for appetizers before going to see Deathtrap. It was an interesting production. Deathtrap has long been one of my favorite plays, so I have very strong feelings about how it "should" be done. I wasn't really disappointed, but some parts of it felt overly theatrical and some needed more of a flourish. Helga ten Dorp was awesome.

We went out to dinner after that and then dropped Mom and Dad off at their hotel. A couple of friends just moved back to town and were having a poker party, so we stopped in just to say hi for a few minutes.

Sunday I canceled rehearsal so I could spend some time with Mom and Dad. We did brunch at Humpy's and then walked around downtown for a while. Dad wanted to watch football, so we got them settled into our apartment for the afternoon while we went to a Brr-lesque show planning meeting. It looks like I only have an unavoidable conflict with one of the shows this year, if I can get someone to cover me at the PAC for a show and a load-in. I really don't need one, but I have secured my brr-lesque name - Eileen Dover.

I'm supposed to be off today, but I had to run by the office to pick up disc for the PAC and do some stuff with school shows. The Diva called while I was on my way "Oh I'm working from home too, so you can get the mail, answer the email and phone messages!" I told him I would not be checking the mail on my day off. I am trying to get stuff done, though, and feeling very put-upon.
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