Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Days Bleeding Together.

Saturday was yesterday, right?

I had a long Zoom meeting for the House Management job. I had to leave early (it started late) and I thought lonelydumptruck needed my computer for a Crooked Toad gathering, so all my rushing and fussing made him anxious. I decided the best course was to step away and make breakfast while he chatted.

We were both feeling out of sorts all afternoon, so we ended up deciding to get around to moving the older TV from the living room to the den, moving the new TV from the den yp the living room, setting it up and then ordering pizza.

monkofsilence offered to do some bodywork on lonelydumptruck this afternoon so we went over there and I hung out with poisondartfrog. It was terrific but tiring.

Hopefully tomorrow will see him feeling better.

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