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Snowball is playing a dangerous game

Well, the show opened! I think it is the first time I actually got so "into the moment" stage managing even I can't tell you objectively how it went. It was great, things just flew by and the audience really seemed to love it.

I finished re-reading Logan's Run last night. I'd forgotten how good it actually was! There were parts that really reminded me of Ira Levin's futuristic novel about trying to escape from utopia. I really wish I had the rest of the trilogy, now. Dumb old Slystalker, borrowing it and then falling off the face of the world.

I also, finally, finished Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors. I saw three of the stories for that adapted into short plays for the Fringe and I have a total burn on to try to adapt two others myself. Just monologue plays, I think. might be fun with the action happening in the background as a dumb-show if I can find a magician who does the box trick really well.....

Not much else to ramble about. Just getting ready to hang up posters and do a bit of Christmas shopping. Amazon had to split my order so the cards I splurged on haven't even been sent yet. Just watch - they'll get here around the 23rd.
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