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Not pleased

The roof right next to ours is flat. When it begins to collect pools of standing water that my father-in-law once looked over and exclaimed "I didn't know you could see Lake Spenard from here!", it's a sure sign fall is here.

The birch leaves in our neighbors yard are steadily depositing brown leaves on our porch which are steadily getting tracked into the house.

The heating situation in our apartment is odd. We are on the second floor and it should stand to reason that heat rises. During the summer it is almost never below 73 degrees in our living room. In the winter, it is seldom above 45 when get up in the morning even with the heat on. Mark had to turn the heat on Friday night because our living room had dipped to 64 degrees.

It was 67 in here when I work up this morning and there is a fine layer of ice on Lake Spenard this morning.

It's too soon!!!

We did have a fine weekend, though. I was at work all day Saturday with our first drama classes of the season. I'm teaching improv again and I'm really happy with my group. One of the girls is telling everyone else what to do and how to do it already, so we will have to work on that, and one of the boys is a little disgruntled because he was in my classes during Summer Conservatory so he already knew all of the games we worked on.

Saturday night we went to a friend's 40th birthday/Talk Like a Pirate party and got to hang out with such truly excellent people as userinfokahteeyah, userinfoscooterpbakes, userinfogeolinguist, userinfojdawgspi and the newly-wedded userinfosionainn and userinfoname_omitted .

We continued beating on the joke that userinfojdawgspi and userinfogeolinguist should get married, just because the party would be epic, until userinfojdawgspi's date started to take offense. Good times.

Yesterday was actually sunny and a little warm. We ate dinner out on the porch to celebrate. I had rehearsal all afternoon and I went in, all low-energy and grumpy, trying to think of a way that we could work outside for a while. We were supposed to have all of the little Brownies there to work on their bits, but the majority of them did not come. Everyone was pretty grumpy and low-energy so instead, we worked extra hard on teaching them the scout oath in sign language for their first scene and teaching them how to march. That was when inspiration struck - they should go outside to march around! I'm the smartest director in the world!

In spite of our best efforts to go see a movie, Mark and I ended up bunkering and finishing season 1 of Eureka. We're poised to start season 3 of Slings and Arrows next. I can't wait. We took a break from series to watch Superman Returns last night. Mark liked it a lot. I like it much better this time, but I did fall asleep right before the exciting climatic battle. Damn meds.

Mark had the most exciting moment of all this weekend. He and userinfoscooterpbakes went hiking while I was at work Saturday. I got a call about 4. "Hi honey! We saw bears! A mama and a baby bear. We were almost killed and eaten by bears!!"

Thanks, dear.
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