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Am I going to hell for this one?

We hosted a rehearsal/BBQ for our Ren Fair group last night and one of our friends brought her 3-year-old daughter. Great kid, currently deeply in the questions stage. They are the family who took in Nemo and Murray when Mark's allergies got too bad.

So, the girl is going around the house asking about things and comes upon a little statue of two cats Mark's dad gave us and promptly asks their names. I know the names because dad named them as soon as I took them out of the box; Nemo and Mao. Well, this created a great deal of conversation about how we could both have cats called Nemo but we finally got it all cleared up and made an understanding that my Nemo was her Nemo.

Then the conversation about Mao started.
"Can I see Mao?"
"Mao isn't here any more either, he died."
"Well, he got very old and sick."
(repeat as child feel necessary until)
"Where is Mao?"

And luckily her mom chimed in with "Mao went to kitty-cat heaven" because the first thing that went through my mind was "Well, I have his ashes right here, want to see?"
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