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Back, Again

I had my appointment with the Doc for injection therapy today. I was skeptical going in that he would A) be there, as his Nurse Practitioner and B) actually be willing to inject "anywhere that hurts", as his Nurse Practitioner promised. It turns out, I should never doubt his Nurse Practitioner again. I almost named a Sim after her to make up for it.

The Doc really did inject everywhere that hurt. He pretty much walked his fingers down my spine and everywhere I had a spasm so bad my legs kicked out, I got a shot. I knew I was going to be driving a lot so I hadn't taken my daytime anti-spaz dose and that made it pretty interesting. It went something to the effect of *poke* *kick* *jab* "There too?" *poke* *kick* *jab* "you have got some knots there." *poke* *kick* *jab* "This low?" *poke* *kick* *jab* "Do you want one here too?" *poke* *kick* *jab* for about 15 minutes. I think I got 8 shots down my back, including 2 or 3 to places on the left side that had been aching but never hurt this bad before.

Then I asked him to look at my neck.

He was damn impressed at the Unmovable Knots there. He compared them to cobblestones. I got 2 shots there as well.

He asked if I was doing any kind of extension exercise - like a rowing machine - when I finished chuckling I explained that I was in physical therapy again and the idea was to stop the spasms, them get to the exercise, I think. He agreed this was a good strategy.

We also talked about the herniated discs in my neck. They are definitely responsible for the episodes of numbness in my fingers, but not the Unmovable Knots. Numbness is fine. Weakness is not. I talked about my dad needing surgery and he reacted as if he remembered that. He said the main treatments are drugs (got 'em), physical therapy (on it) and then possibly surgery. but surgery tends to lead to more surgeries and we don't want that.

We also talked about my sleep cycles, which have been getting a lot of attention lately. He also expressed his interest in what the Nurse Practitioner was going to do next and seemed very interested in how I would respond to fibromyalgia medication. I feel as though everyone is walking around with a big donkey tail reading 'fibro' and just looking for a place to stick it on me. He did mention one of the reasons he wans to try me on the fibro drug was because it has been approved for myofascial pain. I did a Google on that and it sounds like we might just have a real diagnosis.

The good news is that he is very confident that the pain can be managed. We just need to find that drugs that work in amounts that let me function. This is a very different attitude from 2 years ago and the "well, you just have to exercise and you'll be fine, lazy!" feeling he gave off.

More physical therapy tomorrow. Last time it was massage and hot compresses. I think we will be on those for a while.
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