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Thanks Easter Bunny!

Thank you so much, everyone, for sending all those nice messages and warm thoughts. It really helps a lot to know there are people out there thinking about me. Things are not bleak, but it was still not a fun time.

In other news, we went to Title Wave last night and I went a little nuts. I found a new book on stage managing, though, and the new Thieves World book my friend Sean and I have been discussing.

Before I forget, will someone please check the 3-month forecast for hell? I think they are in the midst of a cold snap. Mark's dad is in the process of buying a triplex up here and offered Mark and I a "rent to own" kind of situation. When we first looked at it, the idea was a source of some intense discussion because we can't afford something like that with what I was making. Mark went to see the place anyway on Saturday. Even before that we were sort of "if we were to get the place, which we won't but if we did"-in Last night we were talking about parties at our house and I kind of joked about whether or not dad's place would be good for parties. Mark offered to take me over to see it. There is a tenant in the apartment so we couldn't go up, but we sat in the back and he described all the different rooms to me. It has a washer, dryer, dishwasher and a second bathroom, which are my requirements for leaving our funky little rental. We kept talking and it seems Mark has given a lot of thought to the economic realities of it, how much we would be paying when you consider what is included in the rent there, and he thinks we can do it. Not anytime soon, the current tenant is looking for a roommate and will be there until at least June, possibly longer, but at some point after looks possible.

Now after all that, I need to go stir my onions some more. We're having a BBQ for the Crooked Toad rehearsal and soft onions just sounded wonderful on hot dogs tonight.
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