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The Great Escapists!

Basically Tory Belleci from Mythbusters and Richard Hammond from Brainiac: Science Abuse are stranded on a desert island and have to create creature comforts as well as schemes to escape the island.

It's simply preposterous. It's madcap in all the best ways, absolutely ridiculous and perfectly pure. They both create rafts, so there has to be a raft race. One of them makes flares and the other uses all of them for fireworks. At one point they go to war and one of them figures out how to gas the other. It is so much fun. And you can see how much fun they are having. They look like dogs wagging their tails the whole time.

And yes, I know people are more familiar with Richard from Top Gear but, dammit, this is the Mythbusters/Brainiac crossover I have been waiting for and I will watch it as such.

Available on Amazon.
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