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Some Good News, Finally

I had to miss the first rehearsal of Ramona for a lighting class at the Performing Arts Center, but I've been told it went very well. A number of the kids cast in very small/non-speaking parts have dropped out, but it is nothing we can't assimilate into the remaining 20+ cast members.

The lighting class was fun, but I was in waaaay over my head. I didn't understand a lot of what was being explained but the practical applications kicked ass! With the new boards, if we had moving lights, we would be able to group the lights by kind, by gel color, by where they are focused and by intensity, and then create cues with a touch screen (all reds downstage left at 50%, all coloram with blues center at full on a 25 second fade etc.) We got to create cues and then see how they would run on a little computer simulation projected on the wall.

I went to the fair withuserinfogeolinguist yesterday and I had a great time! We seem to have given up the goal of eating our way from one end of the fair to the other and needing a forklift to take us back to Anchorage - we never made it past a burrito and a creampuff each anyway - and settled into a groove of just kind of hanging out. Yesterday was the first day it was actually sunny for one of our fair visits, so we tried to make the most of that. There were actual kids in the Imagination Station for the first time, so we didn't get to play as much as we normally do. We still went to look at the all the livestock and got to see the pig boards in use,userinfogeolinguist got to talk to the ducks and I got a lovely hairwrap. I'd been planning on getting one that was all black, white and grey with some accent color all year but we found a gorgous bead and ended up creating the wrap around that. I may get a picture later, but it's still in the super-stiff Pippi Longstocking-looking phase.userinfogeolinguist got his traditional vegan cookie. I swear those things look and taste like little cow pats.

My physical therapy evaluation went pretty well. I stumped another specialist. There really is no reason why all of this is happening to me. All of these Docs would be so much happier if I'd been in a car crash, jumped out of a burning building or at least fell down a flight of stairs. The best I can offer is that maybe I was abducted by aliens.

Anyway, she thinks my overall fitness is good, I still have muscle strength, so it seems as though she wants to focus on beating back the spasms and then work on stability and strength in my neck and shoulders. Strength and stability was the goal for my mid-back last time, so I'm not surprised. I just think there will be less pilates this time.

And...I have an answer about my right arm finally!!! There is a reason why it hurts to move it up and back and it really does have nothing to do with my back problems or the herniated discs in my neck! It's because (drumroll please) the small muscles in my rotator cuff are inflamed, irritated and spasming just like the muscles in other areas!

Why? Fucked if anyone knows. As I said, a car crash would make everyone feel better but it could just be something like I swept too vigourously one day, but at least there is an answer! And there is a goal for making it better. I feel so much better about things with just that little bit of news I could walk on air!
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