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Movie Review 3


Offical synopsis:
Amsterdam is paralysed with fear after an aquatic killer moves into the murky waters of the city's canal system.

Okay. Full disclosure? If you'd asked me what this movie was about before I hit play, I would have said it was a Dutch zombie movie. In my defense, I think part of that is because I added it to my queue about the same time I added a South African zombie movie, Last Ones Out. I watched that one for Hooptober and I should have reviewed it because, maaaaan, did I have some opinions! about it.

Anyway. Amsterdamned.

There is just something special about an 80's action/horror, isn't there? The overly dramatic synth-tech score, the slightly slapstick comedic relief, the severed heads that look like Spirit of Halloween had a sale, the dialog that leaves you wondering "was this a dubbed film or an overuse of ADR?"

Let me tell you, Amsterdamned has all that AND a speedboat chase! If you've missed the Bond-style car chases of the 70's and 80's, the climax of this movie has you covered. They go on sidewalks! They soak cafe patrons! They are only thwarted by another boat filled with elderly musicians!

And the killer even gets to drive into a boat full of explosives and live to tell the tale!

Amsterdamned is a nice throwback if you like an interesting serial killer story steeped in 80's cheese. Plus there is a peppy murder theme song during the closing credits. Can you ask for anything more?

Available on Shudder.
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