Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
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Well, about 50 people showed up and I think we used about half of them. I'm pleased.

We did have a tall young man come in. I immediately sighed, because I only need 1 young man for this show and I actually had 2 of them and the other...well, he fit the part better.

Then the kid read for Uncle Hobart opposite Acey. Right off the bat she called him Herbert.

Not too bad, but I had just taken a big ol' gulp of Diet Coke milliseconds before he whipped around "My NAME is HO-bart."

I completely snarfed Diet Coke. Completely. And he got a standing ovation from all there.

Luckily my mouth was empty when he followed it up with "Yes girls, I'm marrying your Aunt Bea. Even though she doesn't know my name!"
Tags: directing, theatre

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