Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light



Tonight lonelydumptruck and I went out for a walk.

Our neighborhood makes a really nice loop for a short walk. We decided to go the opposite way around from our normal walk.

That's where things went abnormal.

As we came around the first curve we encountered a strange young man. I say "strange" because he just pinged as off. He was unkempt in an odd way. He was too friendly. And he had a bag with a...umm...a fence po...a sharpened..


I am just going to say it.

The dude had a stake in his bag.

He passed us, overly friendly, and went down our block as we went up the curve. I honestly didn't think about it until we came around the lower loop at the other end of our street

Dude was standing in the middle of the street trying to talk to one of the kids who lives across the street. The kid was, wisely, fleeing towards their playhouse. When we passed them his attention switched to telling us how much me likes our house.

When we got inside, I suggested we call the non-emergency police, but lonelydumptruck scoffed. We watched the dude walk backwards down the street, brandishing his stake, until lonelydumptruck spotted the police car at the end of our block.

lonelydumptruck: Well, guess someone else had the same instinct as you.

ghost_light: Well. I'm gonna go with Mr. Von Helsing there being up to no good, but if we all get murdered by vampires tonight I deeply apologize.

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