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Back In the News

I finally got to see Dr. Buddy again yesterday. Poor guy had to cancel my last appointment becauae he had Covid. Again.

The way my lower back/hip has been hurting he was suspecting some bone-on-bone arthritis and he's concerned my thoracic curve is progressing so I knew I was in for x-rays. The X-ray Tech was low-key hitting on me throughout, in a pleasant way. At one point he asked how long my back has hurt and when I said "Oh man...15...20 years?" He exclaimed "Oh! You are tough!"

The good news is my hip joints and my pelvis look great. The bad news is it's my lumbar. Discs are narrow and my curve came in at 75 degrees. There is a lot of degenerative arthritis in my thoracic spine and that curve was 68. I do not remember them being that big, but it's been a really long time since I was measured.

Dr. Buddy would love to see me in a brace again, even though it would only help the thoracic curve. He'd also like me to go to California fur a week-long physical therapy boot camp. I'm not seeing either. I'm also supposed to resume my Superman stretches and set up some sort of inversion table or slant board to take the pressure off my lower back.

I also had him check my ear. I was feeling like I had an infection coming on last time I saw him. Sure enough, things are completely blocked up. It doesn't look infected yet, but I'm on a preemptive course of antibiotics and a cycle of Sudafed and Afrin.

Next time I complain my ear is "bugging" me, someone remind my dumb ass to start the Afrin and Sudafed before I call to schedule an appointment since Dr. Buddy will be busy for a month, k?
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