Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light


It was a half-crazy day today even though I don't feel like I got a lot done.

We taught two Zoom classes at Ye Olde Youth Theatre. One was the last rehearsal for the Home School Show. The kids are doing well but I wish we had another week, not just to polish the show, but because the kids are truly awesome. The second class was our first online attempt at our Fairy Tale Theatre class. This is a jumping off place for our youngest sctors. That actually went really well too. My boss and I led warm ups, I did some improv games and then she read a story which I encouraged the kids to act out with me. It's part of our month of free classes, so 10 kids signed up and 5 logged in. That's fine - 15 signed up for my improv class Monday and I got 5.

Between classes we had the Performing Arts Center Christmas party. I won the best costume award (by stealing lonelydumptruck"s Christmas tree hoodie). I forget how competitive one of the ladies get. And how fun that is. We tied for second in the scavenger hunt. Good times.

lonelydumptruck bought a new mattress on his lunch hour. We moved the mattress into the living room until we can borrow Frankie's truck on Saturday. Currently we're watching TV and eating dinner on it. Neighbor Lady is so confused.

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