Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Thanks Given

It was a strange Thanksgiving, but not a bad one.

We got to sleep in, which was divine, and then raced out to pick up our grocery order. The Instacart picker grabbed regular Russet potatoes instead of sweet potatoes when we ordered Tuesday, which neither worked for my allergies or the sweet potato dish I promised to make. That was annoying, but it let us pick up some "impulse items" like bagels, lox and cream cheese. That was breakfast.

Mom-E still wanted to get together (Safely) to exchange Thanksgiving dinner, so we met up outside Lori-O's house to trade. She and her Fella have been quarantined, his test came back positive and I think hers was negative but they've both been sick. Luckily they have a new puppy to help fill the hours.

lonelydumptruck made cranberry sauce and I made my favorite sweet potatoes. Mom-E made the traditional family stuffing and rolls. Jay and his Special Lady Friend made mashed potatoes, Costco pumpkin pie and that old fashioned fruit salad where you add a can of fruit cocktail to cool whip. lonelydumptruck ate most of that last night.

We spent most of the day working on our dinner. We did a shrimp boil and I made cocktail sauce, so that was our starter. We ordered two massive steaks from a local butcher shop run by a friend in the arts community. How big were they, you ask? These steaks were so big we shared one for dinner and still couldn't finish it. lonelydumptruck made a stellar bernaise to go over the steak, we whipped up a dish of ribboned Brussel sprouts, pistachios and bacon for veg and ate the last serving of sweeet potatoes au gratin as a side.

After dinner we had a family Zoom Meeting. It was small but nice - just us, my parents, Mom-E and Eddie, one of Eddie's sons and his wife, Lori-O and her Fella and our cool step-niece (who shared she and her roommate both had Covid this month.)

Mom and dad called later to share a dirty joke dad read and we had the hard talk about Christmas. We're going to cancel our trip down to see them. It's just getting too bad here. We start a month-long hunker down on Tuesday and our numbers are so bad even the KRI (Known Racist Idiot) on Facebook has gone from claiming she's being treated like a Black person when asked to come into businesses special hours because she "can't breathe" in a mask to posting for Everyone to wear a fucking mask.

After all that, we finished our champagne and started watching The Dead Don't Die, but we fell asleep so hard lonelydumptruck say he woke up and we were 40 minutes into Trolls 2. Damn autoplay. Hopefully we'll actually watch it tonight while we eat leftovers.

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