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Last night I finally got to see Audition.  I've been waiting for somebody to start renting this movie for months (and Visitor Q, but that is another whinge).  Mark and I are all bunkered in after a fabulous dinner of halibut coated with crumbs from homemade rosemary focaccia and a butter and herbs of Provence sauce.  We have just gotten to the scene which is in every thriller - the scene where the bad person hits the ground and may or may not be dead.  Just as the camera pans over them.........the phone rings.  Our cordless' battery croaked, so we have the old "wake the dead" corded phone on.  I jump about a mile.  Unfortunatly it was Ron calling to offer me a part in a reading at Valdez and I kind of hollered about his timing.  I was trying to be funny, but I think he was offended.

In other news -


WHAT the HELL is HAPPENING to my ASS?!?!?!?!??!?!?  


I have blown holes in the left hand side of the back right pocket on two pairs in as many weeks!  I never have jeans blow there!  I am strictly a knee ripper!!


And while I am ranting...why doesn't Cafe Press have a wish list option?  It would make me so happy.


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