Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

A new low

We had the WORST stage mom ever come in yesterday. She is the mother of a Beautiful Individual Snowflake who is almost nine and just far, far too advanced to learn anything from being in the same Conservatory group as her big brother. She's been singing since she was 8, you see. And she was scouted to go to LA for one of those modeling things. And she was top in her age group for monologues. And she sings along with American Idol and makes up her own songs (We found this out when, in a far to veiled attempt to discover if she understood harmony, someone asked the girl if she ever sang things besides the leads in songs.)

SERIOUSLY! It was a continual "And my daughter is this and that and is sooooooo talented. Oh, and my son will be in that regular Conservatory for kids who don't know how to do things."

Mark pointed out that we really needed the secret button to deploy the Anti-Stage Mom Squad, which would be a grandmother, a nanny, a 6 ft. guy in a teddy bear costume and 9 men in Secret Service suits. All with shotguns. And scissors for those damn 8x10 glossy headshots.

I think I'm putting that on my birthday list.
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