Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Mellow Halloween

I already miss picking out a trivia questions while I dribk my first Diet Coke of the day.

We had the gentlest of Halloweens. Neighbor Lady let us sleep in after we attended to her early morning demands. We spent the morning and afternoon finishing our re-watch of The Mandelorian and the new episode. It was so nice outside we finally had to put up the blackout drapes we bought yonks ago.

One of our friends is having a bonfire every night through the election at another friend's art studio yard. He's calling it The Vigil. We picked up some more Halloween candy and a bottle of port before heading over there for a bit.

Our neighbors bring their burn barrel to the curb every Halloween so folks can gather. There's beer, people bring over their candy, they provide hot dogs to cook over the fire and it's a fun little tradition.

I was freezing my bippy off after all that outside time so we went home to turn some leftovers into dinner. I bought streaming tickets to the Halloween Thrilling Adventure Hour since their last show was such fun and they did not disappoint.

So chill. Much fun.
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