Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

A Different Kind of Anniversary

lonelydumptruck's Dad passed away a year ago today. Later on we're getting together with Lori-O and her fella, Jay and Jenny to make and distribute sandwiches. Don was passionate about feeding the hungry and helping the homeless, so if you would like to help honor him, please do something kind for another person snd post it here, no matter how small the act?
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Want to honor lonelydumptruck's dad and will be happy to do something kind for someone. Plenty of opportunities out there, no mistake about that.

Small problem, though. Please advise.
We believe in not saying we're doing or trying to do a good deed; sort of...wrong.
How do we do the something kind, and then post it here, but keep true to our "anonymity?"
I'm not sure how to advise about that. I guess do something wonderful and keep it in your heart for Don?


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1 week ago

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I will do my best
Thank you
This morning my wife and I volunteered at our church providing clothing and breakfast to homeless folks. We'd already had it planned, but I'm happy to dedicate it to Don.
Thank you so much
Losing a parent is sad. I did not realize it before, but this is also the 2nd anniversary of halfmoon mollie losing her dad
I will practice an extra kindness in their honor.
Thank you very much, and our love to halfmoon mollie.
Best hugs.

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Sorted out my clothes to donate to a charity ... does that count?

My condolences on the loss of your partner's father. May his memories give you and the family comfort.
Thank you very much.
It was 10 years since my stepfather died on Saturday. *big hugs to you both*
*hugs* thank you