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Hooptober Attempt Review #8

Oh My Ghost (2009?)

Synopsis: A group of friends encounters a folk spirit in their apartment, and their harebrained attemos to banish the ghost soon backfires.

Wow. This attempt at synopsis from Netflix's official site does not even begin to touch the sheer batshit insanity of this film.

This is a Thai movie and, apparently a very popular one, since there are 4 sequels on Netflix. The craziness of this film begins with the fact I'm pretty sure Netflix ordered them incorrectly just based on the number of times someone says a variation of "Don't you remember...?", "We have to ___ again?!" or, my favorite, "You bitches always forget about me!" You could make a drinking game out of it

On top of that, the entire cast is made up of drag queens, their boyfriends and boy friends. There are identically dressed, handsome young men coming out of the woodwork but I couldn't tell you why (I may have started playing the drinking game) aside from it increasing the absolutely insanity of the plot.

And the plot? It's somewhere between screwball comedy and incomprehensible but fucking hilarious.

At one point Panda (twin of the ghost, Pancake), gets a child monk to help banish the spirit I will call White Ghost (because she always wears a white headdress.) She tricks the spirit into getting into the jar and is leaving with Boy Monk and roughly a dozen Identically Dressed Young Men when the spirit I shall call Black Ghost (because she...wait fot it...wears a black headdress) scares the Boy Monk and he drops the jar. Black Ghost stays to stand over Boy Monk who wets himself, in a loving closeup, with a vigor and stream which could only be accomplished if he was blessed with three dicks.

Meanwhile, White Ghost chases the Identically Dressed Young Men and 7 of them hide in a single trash can. White Ghost then hops up onto the can and farts into it. Repeatedly.

This movie has everything: fart jokes, a Harry Potter homage, reincarnation AND a pop idol song and dance number at the end.

I can't understand and I can't stop laughing. I may have found my new favorite thing.

Available on: Netflix
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