Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Hooptober Attempt Review #7

The Invisible Man (1933)

While researching a new drug, Dr. Jack Griffin (Claude Rains) stumbles on a potion that can make him invisible. When he reveals his new ability to his old mentor (Henry Travers) and his fiancée (Gloria Stuart), it's clear that a side effect of the potion is insanity. Jack goes on a violent rampage, and the police struggle to hunt him down, unable to see their target, while his mentor and his former partner (William Harrigan) desperately try to devise a plan to capture him.

Oh, this movie was just delicious! Claude Rains, in his first role, is an absolute treasure. I read that Mark Hamill used this Invisible Man as inspiration for his Joker and I can totally see it in the way he chortles, hoots, and gambols.

I haven't seen many of his films, but I will be looking for more.

Not available to stream.
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