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Hooptober Attempt Update

31 Movies and 31 Reviews:
1. Day of the Triffids
2. #Alive
3. Under the Shadow
4. Southbound
5. The Terminator
6. Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
7. The Invisible Man

6 countries:
USA: Southbound, The Terminator, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Invisible Man
England; Day of the Triffids, Under the Shadow
Korea: #Alive

6 decades:
1920's - Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
1930's - The Invisible Man
1960's - Day of the Triffids
1980's - The Terminator
2010's - Southbound, Under the Shadow
2020's - #Alive

7 2nd films of franchises
4 body horror films

2 films from this year:
1. #Alive

3 disease based films
The highest rated horror film from the 50s that you haven't seen and can access.
1 film that is set entirely inside one location

1 Invisible Person film
The Invisible Man

1 Non Dracula Hammer Film
2 films with a black director or predominantly black cast or lead. 
1 film with a movie theater in it.

And 1 Tobe Hooper Films (There must ALWAYS be a Hooper film)

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