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Hooptober Attempt Review #2

#Alive (2020)

Synopsis: No food, no weapons, minimal practical skills: What’s a doofus gamer to do when facing murderous opponents he can’t kill with a joystick? Oh Joon-wo, the protagonist of “#Alive,” hunkers down in his apartment and tries to wait things out. This can only work for so long — the single-minded attackers are undead and have all the time in the world.

Now this movie was the antithesis of Day of the Triffids. It is a fast-paced, bare-bones zombie flick that gives very little time to anything but moving the plot forward. I'd read a lot of people comparing it to a section of World War Z, but I don't remember that part of the book, so I was seeing a callback to the Day of the Dead remake where the folks on the mall are communicating with the guy trapped in the gun shop across the street.

I am a connoisseur of zombie movies and this one hits all the right tropes (including a survivor keeping a zombified loved one) but it is so compact it sort of feels like the beats occur in a different order than usual which kept me on my toes.

What I really loved about it is how small it is. Most of the action happens in a single high-rise apartment so there is a sense of claustrophobia baked in the bones of the movie. Rooms are small, corridors are tight and there are seldom more than a dozen zombies at once. A handful for an apocalypse, but overwhelming for just one or two people. Also, bonus points for the use of a drone in a horror movie. I've only seen that in the Blair Witch remake

All in all, a very solid effort. Mot the most original story, but extremely well paced.

Available on: Netflix
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