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Lazy, Lazy...

My poor actors were falling asleep backstage last night. It seemed like every time I turned around, someone had their head down on the cafe table (at one point there was a 5 person nap going on around that little table) or I'd just see a pair of feet sticking out from behind a curtain, so I moved call back half an hour. Not that much time, but still a little extra sleep.

Mark and I were supposed to go see Anton in Show Business last night, but I was just too tired to face it and I messed up my shoulder, again. It feels a lot better today but is still very tense. Instead of the show we came home, watched Los Muertos - the sequel to John Carpenter's Vampires (starring Jon Bon Jovi)and we were in bed at.....(drum roll please) 9:47!!!!!

I didn't get up until 8:50. I feel so decadent!
Tags: chronic pain, health, movies, stage managing, theatre

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