Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

True Story from Strike

We're down to the last of strike, just sweeping, mopping etc, when I'm called over to the far wall of the theatre. There, about 8 feet up the wall, is a tampon. Some of the girls worked a bit about tampons into the show, so a couple of the boys celebrated the last performance by unwrapping them, soaking them in water, and hurling them up at the wall of the theatre.

Luckily one of the culprits was still there so, when I finished hollering, I sent him up the ladder to get it down.

That's when he looked about 15 feet up the wall and said the immortal words "Boy, I'm glad you guys didn't find that one."

When I finished hollering and the group of us gathered together to look at the tampon 15 feet up the wall and consider how to get it down, another actor uttered probably the truest words of all: "You know, in about 2 weeks, this is going to be a really funny story."
Tags: stage managing, theatre, things that only happen in theatre

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