Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
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Well, that was exciting

I got up early this morning to go do a school visit. I get to the school, remind the teacher how she knows me (we did a show together about 7 years ago), talk about why I was scheduled when I was and then she explains that the kids are still frantically working on final scenes today. She proposes that I go wait in her classroom, she'll finish up some things, bring the kids to me and I'll have a few minutes to talk to them before their next class.

No worries. I set my stuff down, grab a section of newspaper from the recycle bin and pull out a chair. Then the voice comes over the school intercom:

"____ High is having a lock down. Please begin lock down procedures. This is a lock down drill. No, excuse me. This is a lock down. Please begin lock down procedures."

Okay. Worries.

I poke my head out into the hall and tell the teacher next door "I'm just a visitor and -"

"Close your door, pull down the shade, lock the door and turn out the lights! NOW!"

I, of course, can't figure out how to lock the door. Plus the window shade won't stay all the way down. So I spend the next 10 or 15 minutes standing at one side of the door where I can kind of see down the hall at an angle listening to the faint echo of walkie-talkies in the distance.

Finally, they announcing that the lock down is over and it was, truly, not a drill. There was a report of a weapon outside, so APD had to come search the building.

At this point the teacher comes back. She takes one look at me and her eyes get really big. It seems she has always told the kids that they would go hide in the orchestra pit in case of an honest-to-God lock down. So she got all of them down there, closed the door and THEN remembered I was upstairs.

I get to go back to the school on Thursday to talk to the kids.
Tags: things that only happen in theatre

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