Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Sim Day


Like most things, my Sims Mobile game is feeling a little stagnant. I decided to replace at least one of my current Sims so I aged up some of my Sim kids.

Kimberly was kind of a surprise Sim from the start. I was hoping for a little boy. Then I planned for her to have Corleone for a surname in honor of lonelydumptruck so I asked him to name her for me, but I accidentally closed the game before he did so the Sim was named for me: Kimberly Show.

When I aged her up last night she grew up with a rather...unique look. I tried to get a good picture of her to show all of you but...

Given that my eyes are closed in photos so often I oncd offered a $10 bounty for anyone who could get a pic of me with them open...yeah, Kimberly is my new favorite Sim.
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