Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Highlights and Lowlights


I am giving up pretending I'm going to write a proper catch-up post about the last week or so.

lonelydumptruck and I came down with some sort of bug. No fevers, but minor sore throat, aches and thunderous fatigue. It was bad enough we did a Covid test at a drive-up location Monday evening, we're still waiting for the results.

We were supposed to work the election on Tuesday, but they wouldn't take us. lonelydumptruck was getting worried about going back to work Wednesday and I was supposed to start teaching for Camps on ,Thursday so we went to get a rapid test done. The tests came back negative, but are only 80-ish percent accurate.

The excuse note we were given was half-assed and still recommended quarantine so lonelydumptruck was sent right back to work from home until the other test results come. He's not minding that at all.

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