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A few nights ago I had a very vivid dream where I was visited by whales.  They were so close I could have reached down and touched one of them, but I didn't because I knew it would be impolite.  I usually don't dream about animals so I made a mental note to look up the significance of Whale in my deck of animal cards.

When I reached for the pack, the card Butterfly fell out of my hand.  When I set the book down, it fell open to Butterfly.

"Whale signals a time of finding your origins, of seeing your overall destiny as coded in your DNA, and of finding sounds that will release those records.  You may never be the same again."

 "If you look closely at what Butterfly is trying to teach you, you will realize that it is the never-ending cycle of self-transformation.  The way to discern where you are in this cycle is to ask yourself:
1. Is the egg stage:  Is it just a thought or idea?
2. Is this the larva stage:  Do I need to make a decision?
3. Is this the cocoon stage: Am I developing and doing something to make my idea a reality?
4. Is this the birth stage: Am I ready to share my completed idea?"

And My Free Will Astrology Horoscope this week?

"The Guinness Book of Records commissioned miniaturization experts to make the tiniest advertisement in history and affix it to a bee's knee. The writing was so minuscule it was invisible to the naked eye. But now I've created an even smaller ad, which is hidden in the period at the end of this sentence. I don't have enough space to repeat the voluminous information contained therein, but here's the gist: It's a favorable time to dream up new ways to promote yourself, especially if they involve the principle of unleashing whispers that speak louder than shouts."

Anyone else think that something is telling me to hold onto my butt because it is about to be blasted out from under me in a good way?
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