Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

This Week - The Good

Sunday we had a really fun session of D&D for our podcast. Our half-orc got to decapitate a ghost. With a shovel.

Monday we went berry picking up at Flattop with Mom-E (lonelydumptruck's mom). We came back with a huge cookie sheet worth of blueberries and crow berries. I spent most of yesterday morning washing and cleaning them for freezing.

Yesterday we finally got the okay to hold daily theatre camps later this month through October, so I should be full-time again in a couple weeks when that starts. The school district will figure out how the rest of the year looks in October, so we will probably be doing online classes then.

I've been picking away, slowly, at housework and various projects. lonelydumptruck's brother, Jay is supposed to come over tonight to help finish some standing planters for the backyard, do that will be another Summer project in the can.

Neighbor Lady is still visiting daily. She hasn't wanted pets or skritches, it's pretty much just appies and nappies these days. Birb has moved on, either corporeally or spirituality, so we've been leaving the back door open for Neighbor Lady to come and go as she pleases. It's kind of like having a kid - she comes in, gobbles up food and goes right back out.

I did find her secret lair, though.

Spot the Kitty!

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