Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Second Clues for the Movie Game

1. Hit By Truck, Good Versus Evil, Monkey OR Idol, hat, Nazi - Raiders of the Lost Ark

2. Japanese, Telephone, Good Verses Evil - The Ring

3. Cult Favorite, Zombie Child, Twist In The End OR Low Budget, Farmhouse, Pennsylvania - Night of the Living Dead

4. Japanese, Father Son Relationship, Severed Head OR Feudal Japan, Warrior, Shakespeare - Ran

5. Bomb Squad, Severe Tire Damage, Hostage - Speed

6. Imaginary Friend, Encyclopedia, Alcohol - Harvey
7. Whimsical, Multiple Cameos, Origin Story - The Muppet Movie
8. Baseball, Basketball, World Peace - Amazing Grace and Chuck

9. Cult Favorite, Ice Sculpture, Domed City OR Decadence, Washington D.C., Turning 30 -Logan's Run

10. Imaginary Friend, Good Versus Evil, Beer OR 1980's, Countdown, Alternative Reality - Donnie Darko
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