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Not having rehearsals or shows the last 3 nights has been interesting. I still really haven't had a break of any kind, but it's been nice to do other things. Tuesday our friend Carl brought over the 3rd Matrix and we made pizzas. In the middle of all that, Chris Joosee (with a name so fun you just can't stop spelling it) called to let us know he is getting married this summer. I think we decided what our trip is going to be this year! I can't wait!

Yesterday started off...well....I opened the bedroom door and there was a cat in our living room. Luckily it was not Tybalt returning home, it was one of the kids who lives downstairs. The kitchen window was left open after all the pizzas made the house stuffy from oven-heat and he just wandered in and took over the place. He let me pick him up and give him a cuddle before I kicked his hairy butt out.

It's been so nice lately we rushed home (picking up Taco Bell on the way) and bombed out for a quick game of disc golf. Man, I have not improved one bit. But I will say I was the only one not to hit the tress on the second hole. That's only because I can't throw that far. We had to rush because we had tickets to the Fly-By-Night Club for a Three Barons fund raiser. We still had time for 9 holes and some schmoozing at the club, though. I haven't been for so long, most of the show was new and we had a ball! One of my favorite jokes of the night (and it was by no means the best - one of the best was Dubya and Cheney singing "The Liar Sleeps Tonight"..."shock and awe. Shock and awe. Avenge my pa, avenge my pa")was the whole bit about aerial wolf-killing. Whitekeys found one of the articles where they talk about how much more humane it is to sterilize the wolves but while the hearing about it was going on, and actual, real-life trapper testified "You don't get it. These wolves aren't screwing our moose, they're eating them."

Well - off to the theatre. First show of the week and the audience is rumored to he HUGE. Wish us luck.
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